Why maintenance?


The safety of your athletes should always be a priority. Study completed by Governing European Football Association advises “keeping your field in excellent condition, reduces chance of injuries by 20%”. Infill levels become uneven; particularly in high wear areas, such as in front of soccer goals. This will impact surface consistency, and will provide inadequate support of the grass fibers .

*Longer lifespan of your field

It’s a million dollar investment. Proper maintenance has proven to drastically extend the lifespan of your artificial turf field. Protect your investment!

*Better game

With no maintenance, grass fibers become significantly bent, creased and flat.  The playing surface becomes hard and compacted. While common to infilled systems,  this impacts the players and also can create drainage issues. Proper maintenance will not only keep your field looking and playing at its best, but first and foremost it will provide your athletes with a playing surface that will assist them to perform at the peak of their abilities.


Clean Turf Canada has the most advanced equipment for all your maintenance needs.  We teamed up with GKB Machines, a Dutch company specialized in the development of innovative maintenance machines for sports fields. We offer services and packages customized to your needs!