What we do

Clean Turf Canada's Maintenance Services

 At each visit, our technicians execute the following procedures:

1. Take multiple infill depth measurements to verify surface condition.

2. Power clean field perimeter.

3. Provide a written Pre- and Post-Session field report.

Standard Care

Standard Care provides the 4 basic services for debris removal,

field decompaction and infill redistribution:

• Walk thru to inspect the field and collect large debris. 

• Decompact field at appropriate depth for age of fiber and current

 field conditions.

• Brush in multi-directions with static brush to redistribute infill.

• Final level-up of infill for estethics.


Advanced Care

Advanced Care is ideal for aged surfaces and/or fields with heavy use and after winter break. It provides deep grooming and fiber rejuvenation in these 6 steps:

• Walk thru to inspect the field and collect large debris

• Deep field decompaction.

• Rotary brushing to raise turf fibers and to deposit any contaminated infill into

vibrating screen for debris collection.

• Magnet sweep for metal debris and vacuum debris. 

• Cleaned infill is then redistributed back into the field using a

weighted power brush.

• Final level-up of infill for estethics.

Our Maintenance Program will help you maintain performance, enhance the life span of your field and increase the return on your investment!