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GKB Machines

Clean Turf Canada is official dealer in Canada of GKB Machines

This Dutch company is specialized in the development of innovative maintenance machines for sports fields.

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Are you looking for a fast and efficient way to seed or overseed your golf course or sports field? With the Combiseeder we offer you both solutions, as well as the possibility to seed multiple types of grass. The Combiseeder has two spiked rollers, that open up the soil and accurately spread seed across the full width of the machine, in and around the holes. Two drag brushes incorporate the seed into the holes. This method results in minimal surface disruption. The Combiseeder is also uniquely equipped with two water tanks that allow you to ballast the machine, to aid spike penetration on harder surfaces 




In the late 1990s the GKB Group and the Council of Rotterdam developed the predecessor of the Combinator. The method of removing the surface layer is still in worldwide practice today.

Today, subjects such as chemical free weed control, the removal of infill and sustainability are actual. Together with the Combinator you can respond appropriately to current needs and requirements. 



Every professional that is working on a golf course is aware that scarifying and sand-filling are the perfect combination to attenuate and maintaining and improving of the drainage system. We are combining scarifying, removal and sand-filling in just one operation. Consequently, this working method can be executed by one person. Unlike other working methods which require around 6 people. 

Field brush
Modular maintenance brush for artificial turf.

Field Brush

With the Field Brush you have a modular maintenance brush which you can adjust to each specific task. You can choose between a rake, brush, double brush, rubber finishing rag, and you can adjust the height. We can equip the Field Brush you have chosen with a three-point linkage (tractor).

The Field Brush will also accommodate you with the construction of synthetic turf fields. With the ‘flip-over tool’ infill material can be easily added to new fields and it will always orientate itself in the operating direction.

The Field Brush enables you to carry out the correct synthetic turf maintenance, no matter what the requirements. 



 Keeping your sports field or golf course in prime condition is a tough challenge throughout the entire year. There are multiple reasons for sand filling, during both construction and maintenance. In either case, you want to be able to accurately apply the sand and in varying quantities, depending on the operation.

The Sandspreader is the machine to enable you to distribute a great variety of materials, in the appropriate quantities on your sports pitch or golf course. 



Often, compacted pitches are processed with a brush or tines. However, this is just a quick fix, because you’re only decompacting a few millimeters of the upper layer. Nevertheless, the core problem of the compacted field is until the bottom of the fiber.

Decompaction of synthetic turf

Decompaction of the entire synthetic turf system can be done with the Aerator. We have equipped the Aerator with rollers that are geared with metal teeth/spikes, these spiked rollers are linked together with a drive chain. As a result of this spiked roller are able to transfer a slight prying effect. Consequently, the compacted pitch will be opened and the technical characteristics from the bottom to the top are returned. The pitch will feel like brand new!