Video - Artificial turf cleaning - Vacuum

Deep Clean Vacuum




Any idea of how much dust, dirt, pollen, body skin cells, track spikes, gum, candy, bobby pins and human hair to name a few are hiding in the turf? This does not break down and does not get removed by just brushing the field.   


Powerful in-depth cleaning of all types of synthetic turf fields


The cleaner operates as follows; the synthetic turf brush will brush the infill material with all the contamination that it is containing and will cast it onto a vibrating screen. The coarse dirt will be moved to the collection container, dust and other light-weight dirt will be absorbed by a suction unit with a dust bag. The rubber wheels ensure that the Deep Clean Vacuum will softly roll across the synthetic turf field. Depending on the cleaning of the field, we attach one of the three types of screens (rough to fine). 


A regular in-depth cleaning is a very cost-effective way to keep 

your field nice and clean!