Brushing the edges of synthetic turf fields is important. In general, the most persistent contamination is around the edges, primarily in the form of moss and algae settlements. All this contamination can generate dangerous, slippery situations for the athletes. Besides which, the dirty edges impair the appearance of your field. You don’t want to give moss and algae a chance to grow.

When dirty green edges or the field lines are present, the field lines are becoming less visible and regular cleaning and brushing may not be sufficient. In order to restore the synthetic sports field’s correct technical characteristics, and the authentic appearance, we recommend the use of a Rotobrush.


Tackle persistent contamination


The Rotobrush will be able to brush deeper and more effectively where necessary. The rotating brush disc is provided with extra rigid bristles which are pressed into the synthetic turf. Where the functioning of normal brushing and cleaning stops, the Rotobrush will continue!  We can also change the brush disc for an axially rotating brush with a collection container. The cleaning of the field lines has never been this easy.



Besides the application on sports fields, the Rotobrush is also used for the maintenance of several playgrounds where the synthetic turf is used for fall cushioning. The cleaning of playgrounds can be done in no time.